Our team grid

  • Ohene Phoxman

    Founder & CEO

    The founder of Phoxtra Co. Ltd. has been the captain of this ship from the beginning and has sailed...

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  • Darkwa Richard

    Managing Partner

    Being the Managing Partner in a multifaceted company is a tough task, thankfully he was here to...

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  • Lawyer Sarfo Adams


    He is an accomplished business developer. His skills at creating relationships with partners are...

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  • Ernest Owusu-Ansah

    Head of Research

    He has helped Phoxtra Co. Ltd. reach new heights and enter new markets. His skills of understanding...

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  • Strategic Partner

    As we expand our reach, he helps us do that. He handles all the internal decision making and ensures...

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  • Head of IT

    We are lucky to have Him as our head IT department. He is the master of the domain, and knows as...

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Smart people know better than to take steps based on gut feelings alone. Data analysis is a necessity for any company. As the leader of the company you need to know how to manage your data in order to determine future trend.

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